Analogue / Digital Mastering

The care and precision needed for an accurate mastering is based in the precise conjunction of the work of qualified professionals and a combination of very specific analogue and digital tools, used within a perfectly balanced acoustic environment. In El Angel Studio Mastering we decide which is the best equipment only considering the excellency and not based on marketing. That allows us to count with an analogue equipment collection of leading brands, in addition to custom tools, designed or modified to achieve the desired features. Furthermore, we have 48 bits digital equipment with very high performances.

What is the Mastering?

Maybe, within the chain of audio production, the most confusing issue for a musician is the mastering.


Sometimes, is believed that is a magical solution that will correct any deficiency during the recording and mixing processes. Or, quite the opposite, is considered an unnecessary process because it would be enough to just put a limiter in the mix to increase the volume.


Actually, none of these two ideas are correct.


A mastering done in a professional studio, with the appropriate tools and a skilled engineer will be able to emphasize the virtues of a production and minimize the existing errors (always considering audio levels, not performing ones).


Doing the mastering in the same studio where it was mixed and with the same engineer will tend to empathize the shortcomings of the result, because generally they are the product of some problems of monitoring, acoustics of the room or exaggeration of some personal judgement.

The mastering is an essential process because is the last quality control available, since the result of it will be the sound that the public will hear.


The mastering engineer provides a new perspective and, being foreign to the mixing process, is more objective to detect certain imbalances in the general program. During this process is fundamental to have the best monitoring available, calibrated in an impeccable way and properly placed within an ideal environment, form an acoustic point of view.


In El Angel Studio, besides of having a wide variety of top notch equalization processors and Analogue/Digital dynamic, we count on an excellent Lipinski Audio monitoring system, controlled by a Crane Song Avocet II monitoring matrix. All of these, plus an excellent acoustic design, gives us the possibility of making an extremely precise and objective evaluation and correction, guaranteeing the best result.